Free delivery on ANY orders over $250. Delivery is available dependent upon location and availability. Must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol.

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Have you run out of your favorite wine or liquor in the middle of your dinner party? Out of ice…or just want a pint of ice cream or a cold beer to enjoy, as you watch your favorite television show? Need a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your room before your guests arrive? Perhaps some fresh fruit or produce but can’t travel far from Beacon Hill or downtown Boston? Do you wish someone would deliver all of this to you at the snap of your fingers or a click of a mouse?
Top Shelf, conveniently located on Charles
Street in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill neighborhood, is more than just a wine or liquor store, it’s your one-stop, full-service shop.

Top Shelf offers a wide assortment of items including grocery, fresh flowers, produce, nuts & specialty cheeses, tobacco products and even lottery tickets. And of course we carry the finest beer, wine and liquor offerings -all with the convenience of an in store ATM or a door to door delivery.

Come by or visit us online at TOPSHELF BOSTON to place an order for delivery.

***All prices are subject to change